Weld-Aid Products was established in 1958 to help the MIG/WIRE welding process meet the needs of the automotive manufacturers: High-speed; Difficult parts; Low maintenance. We discovered the following: - #1 Downtime Problem: Nozzle spatter build-up - #2 Downtime Problem: Tip and liner wear; Jamming - #3 Downtime Problem: Spatter on parts, tools, and fixtures The automotive industry provided an accelerated proving ground, and Weld-Aid engineered the solutions to their problems. The welding machine companies were our first customers. They needed Weld-Aid’s products to enhance the MIG/WIRE process. Today, Weld-Aid’s products are available at all North American welding distributors, as well as worldwide markets. Having served the welding industry for over 50 years, we continue to be committed to meeting the needs and demands of our customers by manufacturing the finest products on the market. All our products are backed by a “quality guaranteed or your money back” commitment.

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