Clean without the mean! Hard-core cleaning without the hard-core chemicals The reason some things are so hard to clean is that the dirt, grease and grime form a static molecular bond to the surface. In that case, harsh chemicals and some old-fashioned elbow grease are required. But, neither makes sense in a wipe. Tub O’ Towels’ exclusive Bond Buster additive instantly breaks this static molecular bond, freeing dirt, grime and grease for easy removal with biodegradable cleaning agents appropriate for use in a hand wipe. No other pre-moistened wipe can remove grease and grime like this! Break it down, wipe it away Proprietary solution dissolves and lifts dirt so it can be easily wiped away Once the bond is broken and the dirt dislodged, Tub O’ Towels’ proprietary, high-performance blend of detergents and emulsifiers goes to work dissolving greases, oils, fats and proteins, enabling cleaning, while foaming agents lift the grime and dirt so it can easily be wiped away. This special synergistic solution is the result of years of testing and trial to create the perfect recipe for optimal wipe performance. It’s safe to use on virtually any surface.

TubO'Towels 90ct

These towels are bigger, tougher, and soaked with a knock-your-socks-off cleaning solution that over..


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