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Techniweld USA, a state-of-the-art wholesaler and manufacturer of welding, safety, and industrial supplies, has been in business since 1985. From exotic alloys to traditional everyday consumables, Techniweld USA supplies a broad spectrum of products. Specializing in products related to mig, tig, plasma, oxy-fuel, and stick welding styles, Techniweld USA is sure to be able to service your needs. Thanks to the joint venture of our American engineering and specialized yet affordable overseas manufacturing, we’re able to offer the highest quality mig, tig, oxy-fuel, and safety products at a fraction of the cost of comparable brands. From nothing more than one man and a dream over 30 years ago, Techniweld USA has transformed into the industry leading powerhouse it is today with seven distribution centers stretching from Reno, Nevada to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. No matter where you are in the country, we can serve you in a timely and efficient manner! Overseas? No problem. Techniweld has always been at the forefront of globalization, serving clients from Argentina to Dubai. With a large multilingual staff and an online multilingual platform, we are here to serve all. Techniweld USA is committed to service through flexibility and ease of use. Utilizing the most knowledgeable sales, metallurgist, and engineering staff in the industry, Techniweld USA is the industry wholesaler of choice for troubleshooting your welding related hurdles. Buy with confidence knowing Techniweld USA's average employee has over 15 years of welding related experience. We’re fully willing and able to serve your welding, safety, and industrial supply needs with the utmost professionalism, experience, and dependability.

.035 33 Lbs. Welding Wire

General use mild steel solid MIG wire with manganese and silicon Every Package ..


250AMP Electrode Holder

• Alloy Material • Aluminum• Cable Size #1, #2, #4, #1/0• Short stub Type• Lightweight - easy t..


300 AMP Electrode Holder

• Alloy Material • Aluminum• Cable Size #1, #2, #4, #1/0• Short stub Type• Lightweight - easy to use..



The 300 Amp Copper Ground Clamp from Techniweld is a great tool to help you avoid unnecessary d..


33 lbs. Flux Core Arc Welding Core

Versatile welding capability on a variety of base materialsHigh operator appeal and good bead appear..


6010 1/8" 5lbs. Welding Rod

All position welding rod with digging arc, deep penetration on dirty, rusty and painted materialsIde..


6011-1/8" Welding Rod 50lbs

This electrode can be used with low open circuit voltage (OCV) welders. The one to choose..


6013 1/8" 5lbs. Welding Rod

Slag control accommodates vertical down weldingGreat for maintenance or repair weldingProvides excel..


6013 5/32" Welding Rod 50lbs.

The E6013 is an all purpose, all position electrode with a stable, easily handled arc. Spatter loss ..


7018 1/8" 5lbs Welding Rod

All position welding, low hydrogen rod for general purpose AC applications requiring low penetration..


7024 5/32" 10lbs Welding Rod

*Designed for high efficiency in single pass. *Excellent slag removal and good bead appearance. *Red..


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