Proto Hand Tools

PROTO® OFFERS MORE THAN JUST TOOLS. WHAT WE REALLY OFFER OUR CUSTOMERS IS: PEACE OF MIND. Three miles down in the earth at the bottom of a coal mine. An oil rig in the Indian ocean. A battlefield in a war torn country. These are places where keeping the work going is mission critical because lives may be at stake. Our customers work tough industrial jobs in extreme environments and the impact of injury or work stoppage can be catastrophic and costly. That’s why they demand the most durable and safest tools in the world. When they buy from PROTO® they aren’t just buying tools. What they are really buying is confidence that our tools will help keep them working longer and safer. To ensure this, the PROTO® brand must always be unique in the marketplace, relevant to our customer’s work style, and authentic to our company’s values and heritage. Lastly, these objectives must be implemented in a consistent manner in order to build recognition and trust in the PROTO® brand. WE ARE INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH. We are not weekend warriors. We don’t have the luxury of only working when the weather is sunny and the beer is cold. We work in the deepest mines. We work in the hottest deserts. We work in the arctic tundra. We work in the dark. We work in the mud. We work on oil rigs, on factory floors, and in train yards. We work in the toughest places in the world where nobody else wants to. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we help keep industries working. WE ARE SAFETY OBSESSED. Safety is not an afterthought. It’s embedded in our DNA and is embodied in our tools and our tool training. It has to be, because heavy industries are inherently dangerous environments where lives are at stake. We are exhaustive in our efforts to make the world’s safest tools and educate workers to work safely. We consider somebody using our tools to be family and we want them to go home to their families at the end of their day. WE ARE MADE IN AMERICA. We make tools in America; Not because it’s cheaper and not because it’s convenient. We don’t even do it out of a sense of pride (although we are proud of the U.S.A.). We make tools in America, because put’s how we can ensure making the best quality tool we can. And in the rare instance when we can’t make a tool in America, we do so because... again, making the highest quality tools comes first. WE VALUE OUR HERITAGE. We are highly experienced and brands don’t get to be our age without having done a few things right. The combination wrench is our birthright and helped build ‘34 Fords, The Golden Gate Bridge and Apollo 11. Over 100 years strong and still growing; No one makes tools better, more durable or safer. We value our heritage and honor it in everything we do.​

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