Marvel Mystery Oil

Marvel Mystery Oil®, boasting an enviable reputation among vehicle owners world-wide, is truly a legend of its own. From an auspicious beginning, it is now recognized as a product that has stood the test of time and continues to provide unsurpassed performance and benefits in motors in the automotive, industrial and marine world. Burt Pierce founded the Marvel Oil Company in 1923. His reputation for ingenuity preceded him as he was already well-known for inventing the Marvel Carburetor, standard equipment on 80% of all vehicles produced after World War I. Vehicles of the post WWI era encountered carburetor problems, the most perplexing being clogged jets due to high lead content and other contaminants found in the gasoline of the time. The problem motivated Mr. Pierce to direct his creative ingenuity towards formulating a blend of chemicals and petroleum products to clean and maintain clogged jets. He was successful beyond his wildest expectations and the legend was born! “Mystery Oil”, as it was originally called, proved to have other beneficial effects on the engine. By creating a top ring seal, it produced higher compression and, by preventing blow-by on power strokes, it resulted in more power. Mystery Oil also improved gas mileage and minimized engine wear. Old AdvertismentInitially based in Chicago, the company moved to New York City and then in 1941 moved to its long-time home in Port Chester, New York. In 1999, the Marvel Oil Company was acquired by Turtle Wax, Inc. and is now headquartered back in its hometown in the Chicago area. Marvel Mystery Oil® continues to be an extremely relevant and effective product, even in today’s “high-tech” vehicles. With the cost of vehicle maintenance increasing every year, preventive maintenance is the key in avoiding astronomical repair bills. Why the name Mystery Oil? Burt Pierce refused to divulge the formula for his new product and answered all inquiries as to its make-up with “It’s a Mystery!” The name caught on and is still recognized today for its “mysterious” ability to cure and prevent almost any engine ailment.

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