We help our customers succeed. Our customers require competitive cost, superior quality and fast deliveries. However, each one has unique requirements to compete in their industry. We get to know every customer, see their applications on their shop floor, and apply our capabilities to their challenges. Some require unusually close tolerances. Others count deliveries in days, not weeks. And some are facing foreign competition and care mostly about cost. Each industry is different. Our customers are world class manufacturers in the food service, motorcycle, furniture and heavy equipment industries. And we help them succeed. We'll do the same for you!

1/4"x6-5/8" SDS Bit

Drill Size- 1/4"Length- 6-5/8"SDS+..


K0 1/8" Chuck Key

Pilot Diameter- 1/8"Chuck Type- K0..


K1 5/32" Chuck Key

Pilot Diameter- 5/32"Chuck Type- K1..


K2 1/4" Chuck Key

Pilot Diameter- 1/4"Chuck Key- K2..


K3 5/16" Chuck Key

Pilot Diameter- 5/16"Chuck Type- K3..


K32 1/4" Chuck Key

Pilot Diameter- 1/4"Chuck Type- K32..


K4 3/8" Chuck Type

Pilot Diameter- 3/8"Chuck Type- K4..


KK 9/32" Chuck Key

Pilot Diameter- 9/32"Chuck Type- KK..


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