Eagle Electric Manufacturing Company

Eagle Electric Manufacturing Company, founded 1920, was a maker of electrical devices, switches and circuit units based in Long Island City, New York, in the borough of Queens. The company was founded by Louis Ludwig and his younger brother Philip Ludwig both of whose children ran the company, after the founders died. In Spring of 2000, it was purchased by Cooper Industries to form Cooper Wiring Devices, Inc.[1] Cooper Wiring Devices is now based in Peachtree City, Georgia. For many years, Eagle had a giant neon billboard overlooking the Queensboro Bridge that became a familiar sight to motorists. It read, in capitals, "Eagle Electric-Perfection is not an accident". The slogan was written by founder Louis Ludwig. In 1987, the Advertising Manager began a process of updating the slogan and the logo graphics. When the building was purchased the company had moved production to various parts of the world. As of 2006, Cooper Wiring Devices has moved all their manufacturing out of Long Island City, to Mexico, China, and the south-east United States.

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