Canadian Technical Tape Ltd. is a family-owned business employing 250 people that has been manufacturing pressure sensitive tapes since 1950. We market a broad range of pressure sensitive tapes under own brands of Cantech, Tuck, Sportstape, as well as through a number of private labels. We focus our efforts in four general markets – Industrial, Construction, Retail and Athletic. Here are the principles that guide our business; Bring value to our customers in their purchases of adhesive tape products. Offer high-quality products that are consistent and reliable. Support our selling efforts with ongoing research and development that keeps our offering current with the ever-changing marketplace. Develop the capabilities of our distribution partners through strong sales support and ongoing training. Treat our own workforce with respect. Care about the environment and the sustainability of our overall efforts.

Duct Utility Tape

Water resistant tape made of polyester scrim laminated to a polyethylene film and coated with high t..


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